What we do:

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Please note, in November 2017, PSfPS became The Openside Group. Please visit our new site here: www.openside.group

Psychological Skills for Professional Services (PSfPS) are a premier training and development firm for the world’s premier professional services and consulting firms.

We also work with many prestigious global organisations looking to adopt the best practices, skills and behaviours from the world of professional services.

Our primary objective is always to design and deliver behavioural and cognitive professional development programmes for our clients that improve business performance, provoke mindset change and have immediate, measurable organisational impact.

Our approach combines experiential learning and best practice with the most recent psychological and consultancy research. This is not simply ‘classroom theory’. Our programmes are instead highly practical and rooted in real live situations. This ensures that delegates can sustain behaviour well beyond the learning ‘event’.

Every client is unique. As a result, every training programme is designed collaboratively and tailored to meet the specific objectives, ambitions and needs of each client. The final programme is then delivered within the client’s live business environment. Case studies and role-plays are often adapted to particular situations that the client might be facing at that very moment.

Our training curriculum has three central pillars:

Alongside management consulting and professional services firms, our clients also include prestigious global organisations from the following sectors:

      • IT & Telecoms
      • Financial Services
      • FMCG
      • Manufacturing
      • Pharma
      • Property

The key skills and behaviours we develop for our clients include:

Senior Executives
Effective negotiation
Creating thought leadership
Fostering innovation and developing new products and services
Creating unique and compelling value propositions
Leading critical board-level conversations
Leading a sales team
Bid management and leadership
Directing change and developing a high performance culture
Nurturing a mentoring & coaching capability
Applying, leading & managing growth strategies

Managers and Practitioners
Managing project teams
Making the most of your personal impact
Developmental & performance coaching
Leading and managing change
Key business development management skills
Fostering profitable, long term client relationships
All Levels
Analytical problem solving
Effective interviewing techniques, data collection and synthesis
Organising, managing and leading key meetings
Presentation, communication and report writing skills
Change agent skills
Developing support professionals
Acquiring a professional edge