Understanding consulting firms and their processes

How procurement professionals can bring further value to their organisations by learning from the consultants’ perspective

Consulting services can be a difficult and complex category for procurement professionals to influence. By gaining a clear understanding of the operations and mind-set of consulting firms from their own perspective, procurement professionals are more likely to maximise best value for their organisations. They will become more knowledgeable buyers and will be able to make better and more effective procurement interventions.

Why is the decision to purchase consulting services so complex?

Difficult to differentiate between the services and to define the value that each consulting firm offers

Can be hard to determine what services you have actually bought until it’s too late

Not easy to recognise the difference between price and value when buying consulting services

Hard to analyse the cost/benefit equation – derived benefits can be hard to quantify

Difficult to evaluate results or realised value of a buying decision until the work is complete or even further in the future

Learning modules:

The consulting market – an overview of the different brands, positioning and structure of the consulting market

The clients of consulting firms – the types of clients, relationships and engagements that consulting firms undertake and the services they provide

The business development process – understand the consulting firm’s mindset that shapes their behaviour during the business development process

The core consulting process – overview of the analytical thinking process used by consultants to help procurement professionals better understand what they are actually buying

The proposal – managing the entire proposal process to get best value from responding firms

Cost of sales and fees – understand the key metrics behind the pricing strategy of consulting firms

Learning outcomes:

A clear understanding of the consulting market and how to differentiate between firms

A recognition of the different services offered by consulting firms

How to distinguish value from price when dealing with consulting firms

Efficiency – an ability to better define and ensure you are offered exactly the services you require

How to get maximum value from the buying process by understanding the consulting firm’s mind-set

An ability to ask the right questions and remain in a position of strength for negotiations

How to quantify the benefits vs. costs of the chosen consulting services by understanding the outputs

Duration – 1 day*

*Please note the duration of the programmes are given as a typical guideline, however all programmes are tailored to meet clients’ specific objectives.

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