Partnering with procurement

The marketplace has changed. Buying organisations are increasingly knowledgeable and more challenging in their expectations. At the same time, the traditional sales approach no longer applies. Service providers need to change their strategies if they are to have any chance of procurement success.

Service providers will only be chosen if they truly understand the buying behaviour of their target customers and are genuinely in tune with how they want to buy services.

This programme outlines the key procurement processes and what happens before and after a formal proposal is invited.

Service providers will learn how to understand the buyer’s mindset and to determine what really motivates their final decision. You will also learn how to foster successful procurement relationships and how to develop a compelling story that resonates with the buyer to maximise your chances of procurement success.

Learning outcomes

    • Learn what happens during a sourcing exercise and understand buying strategies and interventions
    • Identify different types of procurement ‘mindset’ and how to respond accordingly
    • Encourage potential clients to consider best value rather than lowest price
    • Write proposals that impress procurement professionals as much as the end client
    • Demonstrate value during the contract and/or engagement lifecycle
    • Create a compelling story for a procurement audience

Participant level: All levels of business development professional, particularly useful for cultivating, responding to and managing specific opportunities.

Duration: 1 day*

*Please note the duration of the programmes are given as a typical guideline, however all programmes are tailored to meet clients’ specific objectives.

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