Partner Behaviours Part 3. Ensuring the Legacy

Programme Overview

A Partner’s responsibilities go beyond defining the brand, modelling culture, setting strategic direction and guiding operations. A Partner also has to set the foundations for an enduring legacy, ensuring that the organisation’s success and longevity do not depend on a single group of associates.  That means managing and recruiting talent in order to develop the next generation, building advantages that will enable the organisation to thrive beyond its current team.

It is all too easy to put this medium to long-term issue on hold with the demands of managing more urgent, immediate requirements. However the task of reviewing emerging leaders and establishing future talent resource needs is as important to long-term success as reviewing finances and future budget resource needs. In a competitive environment the talent, and continuity of talent, in your organisation can be a key differentiator and vital to the strength of your brand.

Talent management and succession planning are increasingly important concerns, driven by flatter organisation structures, an increase in experienced associates starting their own businesses and the high cost of external recruiting.

This workshop will enable you to take a step back from current operational issues to consider how you can build a strong pipeline of talented people who can contribute at significant levels in ways that are consistent with your brand and values.

The workshop will cover:

Defining, identifying and recruiting your top talent

Developing high potential

Identifying potential successors

Participant level: Partners/Managers

Duration*: 3 one-day modules including Part 1: Exemplifying the Brand and Part 2: Embodying the Culture

*Please note the duration of the programmes are given as a typical guideline, however all programmes are tailored to meet clients’ specific objectives.

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