Partner Behaviours Part 2. Embodying the Culture

Programme Overview

Organisational culture is an elusive concept: it is hard to define, but it permeates the whole organisation and affects both behaviours and effectiveness. In a global survey by PwC, 60% of respondents thought culture more important to business success than strategy or operating model.

An organisation’s culture evolves from the collective experience of meeting internal and external challenges. Patterns that worked in the past are explicitly or implicitly taught to new team members as ‘the way we do things around here’.

But is the culture created by past successes still relevant, still consistent with your brand messages, still useful in tackling current challenges? Understanding your culture is both necessary and valuable in order to understand how it is aiding or hindering you in solving problems, making changes, or meeting your strategic goals. You can then identify ways of strengthening the aspects that are working for you and evolving those that might be getting in your way.

Partner behaviour is a critical factor in sustaining or developing culture. In this workshop, you will look critically at your culture and the extent to which it reflects the values you are communicating to your clients.  You can then explore how your influence can help to ensure your culture is supporting your brand differentiation.

The workshop will cover:

What is culture?

 Your culture and its implications for behaviour

Modelling behaviours that reflect espoused values

Dealing with cultural non-compliance

Dealing with toxic or subversive behaviours

One of the biggest challenges of sustaining culture is integrating new team members in a way that encourages their creativity and contributions while retaining the shared assumptions, values, beliefs and working practices that contribute to your successful differentiation.

Participant level: Partners/Managers

Duration*: 3 one-day modules including Part 1: Exemplifying the Brand and Part 3: Ensuring the Legacy

*Please note the duration of the programmes are given as a typical guideline, however all programmes are tailored to meet clients’ specific objectives.

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