Partner Behaviours Part 1. Exemplifying the Brand

Programme Overview

Although for most companies brands do not appear as assets on the balance sheet, one leading market research company has calculated that brands account for more than 30% of the stock market value of companies in the S&P 500 index. Brands differentiate, appeal to distinct groups of consumers and foster loyalty.

Have you thought recently about your brand, and what it is worth to your business?  Given the value that a brand can have, how is your brand communicated to your current and potential clients?

Brands depend on people’s perceptions of them. These perceptions are earned by repeated proof that a brand justifies its position. The perceptions can, however, be destroyed overnight by language, actions and behaviours that are inconsistent with the brand message.

In this workshop, you will explore the key elements of your brand and the ways in which the language and behaviours of you and your team can strengthen – or  undermine – your brand message.

The workshop will cover:

Your brand and brand values

Communicating your brand in language and behaviours

Achieving consistent brand messaging

Being clear about your brand values and how they are communicated is the foundation of a strong professional practice. However, the brand values must be supported by your firm’s culture. If your culture isn’t aligned to the brand, then there will be a disconnect between what your firm says it does and what a client sees.

Participant level: Partners/Managers

Duration*: 3 one-day modules including Part 2: Embodying the Culture and Part 3: Ensuring the Legacy

*Please note the duration of the programmes are given as a typical guideline, however all programmes are tailored to meet clients’ specific objectives.

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