Participant stories

Here are just some of the stories participants have had to tell after attending a PSfPS programme…

A client asked us to develop a detailed strategy for main board approval in only three days from a standing start. Thanks to the techniques we learnt on the analytical problem solving programme we hit the deadline, achieved board sign-off, and delighted the client.

‘Big Four’ Strategy PracticeSenior Manager

Just wanted to let you know about the case that we worked on in our training in June…

We started to work for the company on their challenges beginning of July and are about to deliver the final results as we speak. Even better; we are now positioning for a larger project this autumn on the same topic.

I went for the “no slides approach”, so thanks for a great time, excellent learning and all the help with this case.

Management Consultant

Seldom is a course able to hold the attention of its students through an entire day. However, in our course everyone was so engaged and enthusiastic that we happily ran 1-1 1⁄2 hours over time each day!

Global Energy FirmAccount Manager

I do not fully agree with all the contents covered in the programme. This is normal since you cannot apply the very same logic to every client. But it definitely helped and highlighted certain behaviours that I will gladly incorporate into my daily work.

Global Consulting Firm Senior Consultant

The tools and techniques will not only improve the quality of our work, but also reduce effort and institutionalise re-use. By the end of the week, the breakout room walls were covered in post-it notes, the floors with flip chart sheets, and hypotheses, data points, conclusions and recommendations were scribbled everywhere. I now truly feel part of a fully integrated, high-performance team.

Global Telecoms CompanySenior Manager

Very good introduction to the manager “mindset”. Helps new managers to think through academic frameworks. Must definitely be completed with operational / process / real life cases in order to be applicable as of the next day.

Management Consulting FirmNew Junior Manager

Ian was one of the best facilitators that I have come across. His insight into the consulting industry, the types of issues that we face when dealing with clients and indeed internally were very useful to me – and I would imagine even more so for the more junior participants.

Big 4 Consultancy PracticeBusiness Advisory Senior Consultant

Very good course! I will market the course within the practice to ensure all Managers, Senior Managers and Director levels get the training.

Management Consulting FirmNew Manager

PSfPS provided consistent training for all our partners across Europe – 120 partners in the past 3 years in groups of 10-15 people. The training provided was Strategic Selling – how to improve and develop leadership in two directions. First direction was in behaviour – more effective presentations and personal style, second direction was in intellectual behaviour – becoming a ‘thinking partner’ for our clients.

Global Consulting CompanyDirector

Excellent trainer with incredible “presence”, highly appreciated expertise and point of view, truly inspiring!

Global Management Consulting FirmSenior Consultant

Maybe sometimes a little too honest with feedback – but I probably need to get used to that… Otherwise perfect, thanks.

Global Strategy Consulting FirmConsultant

Very helpful insights. Offering valuable expertise. Decent sense of humour! Excellent.

Global Management Consulting FirmConsultant

Flow of training was smooth. Structure very clear! Excellent mix of real life example and inspiring point of views. Truly inspiring! Outside the box thinking. Encouraging!

Global Consulting FirmDirector

Being encouraged to think and act outside the box. Clear and critical feedback that will certainly help to make us better as a firm.

Global Consulting FirmSenior Management Consultant

Dynamic way of presenting. Very good topics. interaction with the team. Live examples, and latest trends.

Management Consulting FirmConsultant

It will impact my day to day work. Clear identification of do’s and dont’s. Good that content can be shared with other colleagues involved in the selling process.

Global Management Consulting FirmDirector

It was an excellent course which gave solid take-aways and food for thought. I will revise my approaches to consider the ways of working presented.

Management Consulting FirmConsultant

Had to step out of my comfort zone (e.g. for the chance encounter exercise). Possibility of re-thinking my own and my firm´s behaviour towards our clients.

Global Management Consulting FirmNew Manager