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Points of View

These articles written by PSfPS give our perspective on the latest psychological and consultancy research. This insight directly relates to the principal themes, topics and trends prevailing in the professional services industry at this time. Our aim is to give a point of view that provokes further thought and discussion and ultimately leads to mindset and behaviour change.

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Industry Observations

Industry ObservationsOur handpicked selection of the latest research, surveys and articles from consultants, academics and professional services firms around the web.

We hope you find these articles useful and thought-provoking. Please do contact us if you have an article you would like us to share.

Internal Consulting Research Report

“Internal Consultants – begin as trusted insiders, grow as respected professionals” is the product of two years’ research in Europe, the USA and Canada.

It highlights the current differences between internal and external consultants and presents a way forward which could significantly increase the professional influence of internal consulting groups in contemporary business organisations.

Here you can download and print a copy of the report’s Executive Summary and request a free copy of the entire 50-page report.

Millennials in Professional Services Research Series

The Millennial generation, with their unique attitudes and values, combined with an identified skills gap, pose significant challenges for professional services firms but also provide great opportunities if their potential can be harnessed.

Based on latest Millennials research, client interviews, surveys and academic articles, PSfPS have written a short series of articles giving our Points of View on the current situation and outlining potential implications for professional services leaders, particularly with regards to learning and development, HR strategy and future leadership decisions.

By 2020, Millennials will form 50% of the global workforce. It is time for professional services firms to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities offered by this unique generation of employees…

Behavioural and Cognitive Professional Development Report 2016

Survey into the current state of behavioural and cognitive professional development in the professional services industry

Behavioural and Cognitive Professional Development Report 2016 ImagePart 1 of our Behavioural and Cognitive Professional Development Report 2016 presents the key research findings from our survey into the current state of behavioural and cognitive development in the professional services industry.

In Part 2 of the report, PSfPS have determined the key trends that will affect the professional services industry in 2016 and beyond and the possible implications for firms with regards to learning and development strategy, managing client relationships and behavioural change.