This practical programme shifts the perspective from ‘schmoozing’ to making valued contributions to iterative
dialogues and provides an enjoyable environment in which professionals can re-assess their attitudes towards networking.

Learning outcomes

  • Overcome awkwardness and fear of networking by reframing understanding
  • Realise that networking should not be alien to their personal style
  • Apply a systematic approach to engage in credible conversations with senior executives
  • Develop relevant points of view on a variety of topics to contribute meaningfully to a wide range of
    conversations in chance encounters

Learning modules

  • Understanding network winning behaviours
  • Using social media and network plan
  • Personal brand, POV, personal impact

Participant level: Manager and above

Duration: 3 days*

*Please note the duration of the programmes are given as a typical guideline, however all programmes are tailored to meet clients’ specific objectives.

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