Consulting Excellence

mca_consulting_excellence_logo_whiteConsulting Excellence is the new badge of quality in consulting. It helps consulting clients make better buying decisions, promotes collaboration between clients and consultants to achieve great outcomes and helps the UK’s leading management consulting firms to recruit and retain the best people.

The Consulting Excellence scheme is designed to set professional standards for the management consulting industry as a whole and, through this, build greater credibility and trust.

As an Associate Member of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA), PSfPS are delighted to support the Consulting Excellence scheme and to help management consulting firms achieve the standards set by Consulting Excellence through their training and professional development efforts.

Alan Leaman, CEO of the MCA said: “Consulting is changing rapidly, and this is recognised in our commitments to innovation and professional development. But there are also consulting constants: quality services, strong client relationships and objective advice… Consulting Excellence brings these together in ways that will help clients to make informed and better buying decisions, and both consultancies and clients to achieve the complex outcomes the modern economy requires.”

The Pillars and Principles of Consulting Excellence

To achieve ‘Consulting Excellence’, MCA member firms commit to adopting the Consulting Excellence Principles. Closely aligned with our own values, the nine Principles are grouped under three Pillars of Ethical Behaviour, Client Service and Value, and Professional Development:

Ethical behaviour

1.    We are responsible and good citizens

2.    We conduct our business ethically

3.    We foster an ethical culture

Client service and value

4.    We provide excellent consulting services which deliver the outcomes clients seek and need

5.    We are transparent with clients and respond to their concerns

6.    We always strive to improve the value we can deliver to our clients

Professional Development

7.    We undertake training and professional development planning each year

8.    We promote strong core consulting capabilities and specialisms in our consultants and teams

9.    We support our employees’ career progression, professional development and welfare

To find out more about the Consulting Excellence scheme, visit the MCA website here or watch the video below:

If you would like to discover how PSfPS help consulting firms achieve excellence through their training and development initiatives, please contact us and we will be delighted to discuss your learning and development strategy with you.