Client Stories

Please note, in November 2017, PSfPS became The Openside Group. Please visit our new site here:

Rather than simply ‘telling’ you about how we have helped our clients, instead we have asked our clients to illustrate to you how we have helped them in their own stories. We hope that you and your organisation can relate to these stories in some way.

We would love to hear from you and eventually to work with you but we know that you need to have faith in your decision and trust that we can meet your requirements.

Should you want to hear a story direct from an existing client, please do contact us and we will put you in touch with a suitable referee.

Our Clients

For over 20 years, William Johnson (Managing Director of PSfPS) and his colleagues have worked with more than 350 clients and trained/coached/mentored over 100,000 individuals worldwide. Here you can find a small selection of some of the world’s leading organisations and best-known companies with whom we are proud to have worked in this time:

See a list of our clients

Impact Stories:

These stories, told by our clients, tell you about the situation at the client’s organisation at the time they decided to approach PSfPS, why they decided to work with PSfPS and importantly, the impact that PSfPS has had on their business in the subsequent years and the role we continue to play.

Read our clients’ impact stories here

Participant Stories:

These are testimonials given by participants on recent PSfPS development programmes. Rather than give you a view solely from the company level, we hope you see value in gaining an insight from the individuals (client’s employees) that actually take part in the programmes and the value they personally received from each programme.

Read our participants’ stories here