Building your business

Business development in professional services requires a unique approach. For many executives, who have become technical experts, the key behaviours required are not innate and must be learned and developed.

The “Building your business” programme explores the key behaviours, tools, strategies and concepts for business development in professional services and gives participants the chance to apply these ideas using role plays, exercises and their own live opportunities. Ultimately, the programme significantly improves your chance of future success.

Participants will learn to understand the buying process from the perspective of the client/prospect and the explicit implications on their own behaviour.

Over the course of the programme, participants learn, practice and refine the key stages of the business development process and then work in teams to prepare a final presentation for their colleagues and senior representatives to apply this learning on a current business opportunity.

Learning modules:
  • Understanding the buying process from the client’s perspective
  • The key behaviours that exhibit the firm’s values and positioning
  • Critical client conversation stages
  • Developing personal impact
  • How buyers source professional services
  • The business development process:
    i. Defining the scope and developing a scoping diagram
    ii. Developing and testing hypotheses to form a ‘point of view’
    iii. Illustrating and demonstrating the firm’s capabilities to the client – developing a compelling value proposition
  • Storytelling – engaging emotions to make your presentations compelling
Learning outcomes:
  • How and why Senior Executives buy professional services
  • How to undertake critical conversations with client’s and prospective clients that influence and build relationships – without ‘selling’
  • Develop the key behaviours that reinforce the firm’s position and values
  • How to differentiate your firm in the client’s mind – not your own perspective
  • How to react in critical ‘moments of truth’ and ‘chance encounters’
  • Learn why not getting ‘de-selected’ is initially as important as being ‘selected’ and the key behaviours to avoid de-selection
  • An ability to recognise when you should and should not respond to a request for proposal (RFP)
  • Understanding of the key stages that form the business development process
  • How to engage clients and buyers by creating context
  • How to frame what is going on in the client’s world
  • How to determine a stakeholder’s decision style to frame your business development strategy
  • An ability to develop a hypothesis based approach to business development
  • How to develop a ‘point of view’ that will make a difference for the client and lead to action
  • An ability to build a value proposition that directly links to the client’s need
  • Understanding how to use ‘storytelling’ to articulate your compelling proposition in client proposals and presentations

Participant level: Manager and above

Duration: 3 days*

*Please note the duration of the programmes are given as a typical guideline, however all programmes are tailored to meet clients’ specific objectives.

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